Tuesday, October 27, 2009

East Coast vs. West Coast

I went to California this past weekend and got to see dear friends that I love and watch one get married. I've been to California a few times, but never paid too much attention to the food there, but I figured I better start. Since when it comes to big parties I don't believe in eating or breathing in my dresses before and during the festivities, I ordered a salad at Habit, which I found out was pretty much sacrilegious, and I apologize for that. I also ate salad at the wedding which I really got some heat for. They were chugging on the haterade, I swear. Anyways. After the wedding, my dear friend Payman and his amazing wife, Farah, were so sweet and took me to In-N-Out. 

The Strawberry Shake. Not going to lie. That was amazing. 

The burger (don't I look awesome?), while good, don't get me wrong, I'd eat it again, was not, in my opinion, as good as Five Guys. Let me explain. I ordered a double double animal style with animal fries, just to make sure I got the full In-N-Out experience. I was told that the fries weren't supposed to be as crunchy as they were, and I'll factor in the fact that it was around 1:30a.m. or so when we got the food. So ignore the fries, back to the burger. 

Generally speaking, I like my burgers with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and bacon. No random sauces. And the bread is super important. As big as my burger was, I thought it was a little too bread-y, and the sauce, I was expecting more than Thousand Island dressing. 

As I said, being as that it was about to close, I'm taking that into consideration and I'll hold off on my final verdict for In-N-Out, but as it stands now. Five Guys is whopping its butt. 


  1. THANK YOU. I have been asking this question to people and everyone disagrees with me and thinks In-And-Out is better than Five Guys. It's not. It's a decent burger, but it's only ranked at the level of Burger King. I don't understand the loyalty. Five Guys isn't even that good, but it kicks the doodoo out of In-and-Out.

  2. Varta, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one as I think In-N-Out is better than Five Guys. That said, I think they are both vastly overrated and neither of them impress me all that much.

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  4. I still think it isn't really a fair fight to compare INO with Five Guys...one is fast food style and the other is a bigger, fast casual spot. INO is like half the price of Five Guys...and for good reason, once again, fast food vs fast casual. With all that being said, I like INO over Five Guys but the only reason to compare the two is because everyone always seems to compare the two. West coasters love their INO and East Coasters love their Five Guys...but Five Guys is expanding so much it's now in the West Coast.