Friday, July 24, 2009

Bacon Bowl

I have two nephews who are the loves of my life. My older nephew, Cyrous, is four (and a half). A while ago I made super huge pancakes with my super huge spatula and stacked it with eggs and bacon. I called it the breakfast monster, Cyrous called called it a really big pancake and said he wanted some. So I cut it in half and got him a fork. 

He proceeded to eat all 5 slices of bacon inside and then said he was done.
My little bacon carnivore.

I wanted to come up with another bacon centered breakfast item. First thing that came to mind was the famous bacon cups, but I had to find a way to take it one step further. But let's work one step at a time. I wanted more of a bowl than a cup so I covered a mini-mixing bowl with foil and wrapped bacon around it. 
Popped it in the oven at 375 degrees, I have no idea how long it was in there. Enough time for it to look like this:
*insert Seinfeld shrinking joke here*

And enough time to whip up this:
onion, potato, steak seasoning, sausage, and egg (this is a pre-egg pic)

Pile it all in, and you have got yourself one awesome breakfast bowl.


  1. Woman I can't say it enough but you're nuts :P

    You should start using your Twitter account!

  2. hmm I might have to try this with diced daikon instead of potatoes to make it healthier.

  3. I'm with Bear you need to use Twitter! What is your account?

    Wow it's all I can say. lol.