Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a words before I begin...

I've always loved to cook, I never thought I'd be posting the crazier things online, but the beauty of Facebook changed that. My photo albums soon became full of food and I eventually submitted the crazier things to various blogs to see where it would make the cut. For this, I am forever grateful to John (and Stephanie) from www.epicportions.com, for letting me send email after email of my culinary endeavors and for them being so kind as to posting them for me. EP is an amazing site and I think everyone should visit it all the time. I have it saved on my bookmarks tab. 


  1. Hehe. Thanks to EP & John.....we're not losing a commentor we're gaining a blogger!

    Nice to see it....added to my RSS reader fo sho'. Can I make a request? .....

    Deep-fried French Toast, Peanut Butter, Banana, Bacon, Honey, Chocolate Chip, Marshmellow Fluff, Nutella Sangwich!!!!