Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breakfast Egg Roll

What is it with guys and breakfast burritos? Such a man food. I fend them to be too sloppy for my liking. The wrap usually gets soggy or is too limp. But since it's the outer portion I have an issue with and we all know I love breakfast food (even though I eat it at lunch or dinner), there has to be a way around this, right? Oh yes, there is. 
There you have all the fixings of a yummy breakfast, minus the french toast. But don't worry, I have a carb in mind. 

Look! My square buddy! Oh yes, another stuffed breakfast item. I think I have found my calling. 

(two were already being fried)

Happy Sunday everyone! I am BACK. Now excuse me while I go squeeze in a workout before the Redskins beat the Giants. Oooooh snap. 

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