Monday, August 24, 2009

Egg in a Basket

I am back! After a week at the beach I am fully browned and back in my own kitchen. My cousins are staying with us from Canada, so while I have my kitchen back, the menu isn't exactly in my control and the frying is still somewhat on hold. Do you want to hear the big shocker though? They don't eat bacon! Holy moly ravioli. How are we related? My brother took them to NYC for two days though, so I whipped out the bacon and made myself a breakfast for greasy champions. I took a little ramekin and lined a slice of bacon around the inside, then I placed three strips across to cover the bottom, trimming the side to make it as even as I could. Cracked an egg and popped in the oven and there I had it, an egg in a basket! 

How cute is that? I would totally make this for a brunch, so simple and adorable! While the bacon was cooked, it wasn't as crispy as I tend to like my bacon to be. Next time I would give the bacon a 5 minute head start and then crack the egg into it. 

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