Saturday, August 22, 2009

South Carolina

I totally should be sleeping right now since there is so much going on. We just got back from the beach last night and this afternoon my cousin and his son came to stay with us for a week from Canada. I feel like I've neglected the blog though, so here are the rest of the food pictures from my trip to Myrtle Beach. 7 days of all you can eat buffets for dinner (twice for breakfast as well), Shaggin Joe's for doughnuts, candy stores galore, foot long hot dogs, and ice cream around every corner. Most importantly, I got PRALINES. 
Look at that cheese ball of a grin.
If you are ever in the South you NEED to go to River Street Sweets. The praline is eye rolling good. So good there are only two pieces left and I bought them on my last night there. They also like to dip things in chocolate, like marshmallows!
I got the Heath Bar chocolate covered marshmallow.
I have to say though, one of my favorite things was at Dairy King, oh yes, the Queen has a King and he lives in South Carolina. Home of the:
People stared, but I think they were just jealous that they didn't order it themselves. 
Original posts will return soon! Have a fabulous weekend! I'm going to a barbecue at my uncles tomorrow and the doughnut bread pudding was requested. Time permitting, I'll hopefully make something new as well! 

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