Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samoas Pie

First of all, check out the chocolate bar my cousins brought me back from their quick trip to NYC with my brother.

How awesome is that? Five pounds of chocolate. I need to start coming up with some chocolatey ideas. My idea for the night just had a chocolate drizzle and it was before they came back, so I didn't get to open the big bar yet. Before vacation I had mentioned I had a pretty nifty idea for a pie and last night I finally got to make it. I had made the Thin Mint Pie, Tagalong Pie, next in line? Samoas! Unlike the previous two, there are no actual Samoas in this pie. I crushed shortbread cookies and mixed with melted butter for the crust and only baked it for a few minutes. Caramel pie must not be a very popular flavor because it was pretty hard finding multiple recipes to pick and choose from. Here's the caramel filling I ultimately used.

Caramel Coconut Pie Filling
1 and 1/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup of milk
1 cup cream
few spoons of flour
however much coconut you want, toasted
3 egg whites beaten stiff 

Mix everything together minus the egg whites, fold egg whites into the mixture, pour into crust and bake at 300 for 45-55 minutes or until it stops jiggling when you move the pie pan. 
I hadn't planned on being so sloppy with the chocolate drizzle. But I couldn't find the pastry bag thing with the nozzle so I used a plastic baggy and cut a hole in the corner and the chocolate was hot so I kept burning myself and then I tried to speed it up and squeeze harder but it oozed out the top. In hindsight, I think I also should have only put half the coconut in the pie and sprinkled the rest on top, then drizzle. Whatever. Lesson learned for next time. Important part, the pie was DELICIOUS! 
Why is it so hard to take food pictures???


  1. YUM nom nom nom. OOO the possibilities of all that chocolate! Make sure you make your boyfriend chop it up for you. :D

  2. LOL! What is with you all thinking I have one?

  3. That looks absolutely delicious. If you could go ahead and ship that to me pronto, that would be wonderful.


  4. My brother came over the day after I made it asking where it was... it was gone. In my belly and my cousin's bellies. Def going to remake this one!

  5. Oh I'm sorry. Bear gave me bad info. I'll have to get on him when he gets back! GRRR.