Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Dessert Egg Rolls

I leave for South Carolina in a few days and I've already planned some things I can't wait to make when I get back. In the meantime, many of you are aware I've taken it upon myself to use up things in the fridge. I was originally going to post up what I made for dinner which, while delicious, wasn't anything special (sauted spinach with sausage, roasted eggplant with cheese and seasoned roasted onions). Then I remembered I still had some egg roll wrappers left and a Milky Way that I put in my fridge because it melted after I forgot to bring it inside.
Sssshhh, when I go to the movies I take my own snacks.

So, let's review, quick inventory: egg roll wrappers, bananas, Nutella, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and a refrigerated Milky Way. Oh, and some ice cream. This is a pretty familiar path
Milky Way egg roll for me, banana and peanut butter egg roll for Bear, and a banana/marshmallow fluff/nutella egg roll for Sahar. 
This was taken at a friends grad party last summer. She was my vacation buddy last year but sadly can't make it this year.
I took a picture of me eating these but my eyes kept rolling and it was really unattractive. 

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  1. OMG, I had roasted eggplant for din too.

    This evil woman not only teased me with a mysteryous message of what was to come....she even made one for me with my favorites (peanut butter & bananas) with NO POSSIBLE way for me to eat it. Evil I tell you....pure evil :P Did you at least eat it on my behalf....and if so, how was it?

    "I took a picture of me eating these but my eyes kept rolling...." - Hahahahhaha

    I'm going to be open and honest on this's this close to being perfection...only thing it needs? ...and small drizzle of chocolate sauce over the top...mmmmmmm.